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Considering job offers? A checklist in alphabetical order

Celebrating your job offer

Every offer you get will include some details and omit others. To perform a proper comparison between multiple offers and reach a good decision, you’ll need all the details for all offers. After numerous back-and-forths with several companies, I composed a checklist ideal for anyone on the verge of deciding the next stage of their career.

Know what is important to you and what you’re worth

Remember that everything is negotiable. If having a beer budget is super important to you and the company really wants you on the team, figure out what it would take to make your dreams come true. Worst case scenario is they’ll say “Sorry, we can’t do that because…” and you can decide whether you still want the job or not.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed their experience to this writeup: Adam White, Greg Wilson, Isaac Ezer, Laurie, and Vincent Shen.

(Based on my older post, Considering offers? A checklist in alphabetical order)

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